Histology Guide

The experience of using a microscope is recreated using an intuitive browser-based interface.

Electron Micrographs

Each image is shown with additional information to its right.

The view can be changed using any combination of the commands listed below.

  • Click on links to zoom and pan to a preset view. Try the link in the previous sentence to zoom in on the links shown in this image.
  • Click on images to change to the shown view. Try the image above to reset to the default view.
  • Toolbars - the toolabrs in the upper left contains various controls to change the view and includes a ruler.
  • Navigation menu at the top can be used to return to the previous page.

(Click on the [+] symbols to show more information.)

  • Mouse [+]
    • Zoom In - click the left mouse button anywhere on the image. Click again to zoom in further.
    • Zoom Out - click the left button while pressing the ‘Alt’ Key.
    • Pan - hold the left mouse button down and drag the image.
  • Keyboard [+]
    • Zoom In - press the Shift or ‘A’ key.
    • Zoom Out - press the Ctrl or ‘Z’ Key.
    • Arrow Keys - pan across the image.
Grayscale Color

These buttons switch between the original grayscale and color highlighted images. Try the above buttons to switch between these images.

After switching between images, the previous view shown can be selected using Reset View.