Histology Guide

The experience of using a microscope is recreated using an intuitive browser-based interface.

Slide Viewer

Each slide is shown with additional information to its right.

The view can be changed using any combination of the commands listed below.

  • Click on links to zoom and pan to a preset view. Try the link in the previous sentence to zoom in on the links shown in this image.
  • Click on images to change to the shown view. Try the image above to reset to the default view.
  • Toolbars - the toolbars in the upper left contains various controls to change the view and includes a ruler.
  • Navigation buttons are shown if there are additional pages for this slide.
  • Navigation menu at the top can be used to return to the previous page.

(Click on the [+] symbols to show more information.)

  • Mouse [+]
    • Zoom In - click the left mouse button anywhere on the image. Click again to zoom in further.
    • Zoom Out - click the left button while pressing the ‘Alt’ Key.
    • Pan - hold the left mouse button down and drag the image.
  • Keyboard [+]
    • Zoom In - press the Shift or ‘A’ key.
    • Zoom Out - press the Ctrl or ‘Z’ Key.
    • Arrow Keys - pan across the image.