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Chapter 14 - Gastrointestinal Tract

The gastrointestinal tract (digestive tract or alimentary canal) extends from the mouth to the anus and includes the organs necessary to digest food and eliminate waste.

Hard Palate

MHS 246 Hard Palate


MH 108 Tongue

(foliate papillae and taste buds)

MHS 208 Tongue

(filiform papillae)

MHS 201 Tongue

(filiform papillae)

MHS 264 Tongue

(circumvallate papillae)

MHS 266 Tongue

(fungiform papillae)


MH 109 Esophagus

(middle third)

MHS 234 Esophagus

(lower third)

Gastroesophageal Junction

??? Junction between Stomach and Esophagus

MH 111a Gastroesophageal Junction


MH 111a Stomach Wall

MH 111a Cardiac Stomach

MHS 247 Fundic Stomach

MH 112 Fundic Stomach

MH 113 Fundic Stomach

MHS 251 Fundic Stomach

MH 115 Pyloric Stomach

Gastroduodenal Junction

MH 116 Gastroduodenal Junction

MHS 225 Gastroduodenal Junction

Small Intestine

MH 118 Small Intestine

(ileum, jejunum, and duodenum)

MHS 272 Duodenum

MHS 219 Jejunum

MHS 248 Jejunum

(Masson's trichrome)

MH 119 Ileum

MH 120 Ileum

MHS 273 Ileum

Large Intestine

MH 123 Colon

MHS 274 Colon

MH 122 Appendix

MHS 221 Appendix


MHS 275 Rectum

MHS 258 Recto-Anal Junction