Histology Guide

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Chapter 18 - Female Reproductive System


MHS 259 Ovary

MH 160a Ovary

MH 161 Ovary

(mature or Graafian follicle)

MH 162 Ovary

(corpus hemorrhagicum)

MH 163 Ovary

(corpus luteum)

MHS 224 Ovary and Oviduct

(corpus luteum)


MH 171 Oviduct

MHS 217 Oviduct

MHS 220 Oviduct

MHS 224 Ovary and Oviduct


MHS 223 Uterus


MH 170 Uterus


Uterus - Menstrual Cycle

MH 165 Uterus

(prolifertive [follicular] phase)

MHS 253 Uterus

(early secretory [luteal] phase)

MHS 254 Uterus

(mid secretory [luteal] phase)

MH 166 Uterus

(late secretory [luteal] phase)

MH 167 Uterus

(menstrual phase)


MHS 207 Cervis

MH 172 Cervis


MH 173 Vagina

Mammary Gland

MH 174a Mammary Gland

MH 174b Mammary Gland

(resting and lactating)

MHS 218 Mammary Gland



MH 175 Placenta

MHS 241 Umbilical Cord